Top 10 Best Compact Circular Saws Reviews in 2021

Compact circular saws come in different designs and features. Some are portable and user-friendly whereas others are specifically for handling complex tasks. These are some of the factors you need to consider seriously.


The features a product has, reveals its efficiency and effectiveness. This is also the case with compact circular saws. Ensure you go through the available features. For instance, look at the blade, motor, weight, cutting edges among many more.


No one wants a compact circular saw that is so stressful to carry around. If that is the case, ensure you look at the size and weight of your preferred circular. A portable compact circular should be easy to carry around.


You need a saw that is durable. The circular saw needs to have a strong material. It should not be prone to rust and corrosion.


You also want to know how much you will spend on your preferred compact circular saw. Consider a wide variety of compact circular saws and their prices. Choose an affordable circular saw that is of great quality.

Choosing the best might be a daunting process. It is so if you do not have the options to choose from. Below are some of the 10 best compact circular saws in 2019 reviews:

10. Porter-Cable Circular Saw Kit

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This is one of the best compact circular saws in the market. It has a fast cutting speed for easier execution of the task at hand. You can easily move with it around since it is very portable. Indeed, this is not only a reliable but also an efficient circular saw. Its features are very unique and of the right standard.

  • Operates at 3,500RPM power
  • Weighs about 6 pounds hence lightweight
  • Has an amazingly compact design
  • A 0-45 degree of bevel capacity for making various cuts
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9. Ryobi P506 Cordless Circular Saw

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Ryobi P506 cordless saw has a soft grip, which will give you comfort while handling it. This circular saw is known for its great performance due to its 24T carbide tipped blade and blade wrench. Its blade can execute any task easily.

  • Equipped with a 5.5Amp motor
  • Runs at 3,500 RPM
  • It is very versatile
  • Has a great vacuum cleaner for cleaning the working area

8. Skil 5280-01 Circular saw

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This circular saw has a lot to offer. It works with great ease. Carrying around this circular saw is pretty easy. This circular saw takes pride in its great performance. For that reason, you will easily handle the cutting exercise at hand.

  • 120V maximum power giving it a great performance
  • Has an amazing dust blower that keeps the working area clean
  • Runs at 5,300 RPM
  • Has a great amperage of about 15

7. Rockwell Circular Saw

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Rockwell Circular saw is equipped with 5 Amps motor which operates at 3,500rpm. This is one circular saw that will not leave your working area dirty. Its dust port cleans your workplace in the best way possible. It comes with a spacious accessory kit for carrying all the workshop tools.

  • Very light hence portable
  • Weighs close to 5 pounds
  • Inline comfortable grip design
  • Small and thin blades for better working

6. Festol 201399 TSC 55 REB Plus Cordless Shaw

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This circular saw has combined a wide variety of innovations to come up with an amazing tool. Its rail precision makes it easier to make splint free and laser straight cuts. It is very economical in that it minimizes material waste. The blade is always on track on all sides hence completing projects in due time.

  • Splinter-free cutting
  • Ec-tec motor
  • Runs at 5,200RPM
  • A great guide rail precision

5. DEWALT Circular Saw

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First of all, it is very unique. It has an efficient electric brake. Furthermore, this is one of the best circular saws when it comes to portability. It weighs 8.8 pounds just to ensure you move around it with ease. This circular saw is supplied with enough cutting power to execute well the task at hand.

  • 15 Amp motor
  • 57 degrees beveling capacity
  • Has an electric brake
  • Lightweight
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4. Genesis Gcs545C Circular Saw

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In case you need a circular saw that will give you comfort while working this should be your pick. It has a great rubber soft grip. This circular saw offers great performance. It has both 24T carbide tipped blade and blade wrench.

  • Quality vacuum adapter for cleaning
  • 5.5 Amp motor
  • The motor runs at 3,500RPM
  • Has a triple reduction gearbox
  • Quality cutting blade

3. WORX Circular Saw

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This circular saw offers amazing performance. It is user-friendly and one can make some great depth adjustments. This circular saw comes with a left blade design which enhances cut-line visibility.

  • Left side great design for visibility
  • Vacuum adapter for cleaning the workplace
  • User-friendly
  • Has thin blade hence providing less tool straining

2. VonHaus Cordless Circular Saw

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VonHaus Cordless Circular saw is very powerful. This is evident by its 20V battery and a motor that runs at 3800RPM.It is the kind of saw that gets work done with less time. You can move around with it easily. It has a rubber soft grip that will give you comfort while working.

  • Has TCT tip blade which offers even cutting
  • Great cordless portability
  • Ergonomic design and a rubber grip that allows you to work comfortably
  • Has a 20V battery

1. Rotorazer Platinum Compact Circular Saw

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If you want to enjoy additional power with deep cuts, this is the circular saw you need. It is bound to make all your DIY projects easy and successful. Well-suited for chain, plastic, PVC, pipes, metal, grout, tile, copper, carpet, wood flooring, and cut drywall cutting. It has an adjustable cutting depth for precise, quick and straight cuts.

  • 500W motor that runs at 4500RPM
  • Cuts in any direction with ease
  • Ver easy
  • Cuts any type of material


When it comes to purchasing a circular saw you need to be extra careful. There are a lot of them in the market. This means you need to put into consideration many factors to make the right purchase. Mind the specifications of the available compact circular saws.