Top 3 Most In-Demand Rear View Mirror Dash Cams in 2021

A rear-view camera will allow a driver to drive conveniently in the toughest of conditions. The camera will enable him to view the surroundings clearly which will help to prevent any unwanted mishap from taking place. This innovative safety feature is a must these days on an automobile and you will come across a wide array of rear-view dash cams on the market. These will make it very convenient for you to easily move into any tight parking spot or just slide into your small garage without damaging the car in any manner. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some rear view mirror dash cam reviews that will help you to select the best cam for your personal requirements.

1. KDLINKS R100 HD Dash Camera

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Being extremely easy to set up, the screen is able to clip on to the present rear-view mirror by providing top quality 1080 p viewing from the back and 1296 p viewing from the front. One significant highlight of this dash cam is that it includes a cutting-edge 16 GB micro SD card that will enable you to use the cam instantly. Apart from this, this remarkable camera likewise comes with a sensor which has the power to detect any movement of the vehicle during the last five minutes and will also help to preserve the power by shutting up automatically. On the other hand, the camera will start recording once it is able to sense any moment and this feature will aid in safeguarding your automobile even though it might be parked.

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  • Can record high definition 1080p video.
  • Rear (140 degrees) and front (140 degrees) in a super wide angle.
  • The recording is going to commence for a brief period of time once the camera detects any movement of the vehicle.

2. Z-EDGE Dual Lens Rear-View Camera

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This innovative rear-view cam behaves as both a rear-view camera as well as a dash cam and provides fantastic viewing to the driver thanks to the full high definition 720p rear screen and 1080p front screen which are able to process 30 frames every second. Moreover, the cam also includes a handy low light feature that can adjust itself for functioning efficiently at night. It can likewise boast of a 5-inch screen has an anti-glare coating which can be connected to a vehicle by means of a 150 inches long USB cable. The Z-EDGE cam will also assure you of recording in case you are confronted with any mishap while driving. Having an automated backup system and also being fully water-resistant, this device will allow you to park your car easily in even a compact parking slot. It will likewise help to conserve energy by beginning to function as soon as the ignition is switched on. In a nutshell, it is amongst the most sought after rear-view mirror dashcams at present.


  • Large 5 inches IPS screen.
  • An inbuilt G-sensor.
  • Full high definition 720p rear and 1080p front.
  • The front camera angle of 150 degrees.

3. Falcon Zero F360 Reverse Camera Mirror

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This breathtaking rear view camera will enable you to see the entire 360 degrees of your surroundings while driving. It will also enable you to maneuver your vehicle easily in the tightest of corners. One remarkable highlight of this device is that it can be programmed for use in more than one vehicle along with a fantastic 180 degrees viewing angle. You will find this cam to be perfect for driving in virtually any condition given that it comes with night vision as well as an integrated microphone functionality. In fact, numerous cab drivers are using the Falcon Zero F360 extensively these days. Lastly, we like to mention that the cam can also boast of a remarkable 3.5 inches color LCD display while offering a lucrative 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer as well.

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  • Inbuilt microphone functionality.
  • 180 degrees rotating 120 degrees viewing angle HD lens.
  • Can display the rear as well as the front picture simultaneously.


After going through the above-mentioned rear view mirror dash cam reviews, it should not be difficult for you to go for the best device according to your own requirements. However, in case you’d like to browse for some more cameras, you may always visit Amazon web where you can do your own shopping. Try to take into account the unique features while comparing between the different dash cams, and also look for their pros and cons. Making adequate research will come of use to you in the long run.