Top 10 Best 8×10 Area Rugs for Living Room Reviews in 2021

Living room is that part of a house where you interact with your guests. Besides this, every occupant of a home spend most of their time in the living room only. So, for these reasons, homeowners decorate the living room in such a manner so that it reflects their taste and preference.

Out of all the décor that is essential to the living room, a Rug (8×10 area ideally) is definitely the most important one. A rug can tie the whole room together and it is also another great way to show off your personality. So, if you are looking for an 8×10 rug for your living room then, your search ends here. The top 10 best 8×10 area Rugs for living room have been reviewed here for your convenience:

10. New Traditional Oriental Area Rug

This is a beautifully designed 8×10 area rug which can go with any décor and color of a living room. This is made with 100% polyester, which means that this rug is very durable. So, it will last for a long time and keep on adding a unique charm to the living room. The best thing about this rug will have to be the fact that it has gel foam backing which makes it a non-slip rug.

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09. Area Rugs Traditional Oriental Floral Area Rug

This elegant 8×10 area rug gives off a very traditional vibe which will look beautiful in any living room. The best thing about this rug is that it is stain resistant and maintaining and cleaning it is very easy. So, it will be perfect for a home with pets and children. This rug is made with 100% polyester and has a gel form backing which will make sure that no one slips on it.

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08. New Medallion Multi Colored Rug 8×10

The unique design of this 8×10 area rug makes it perfect for a family home and even a bachelor pad. It is stain-resistant and the owner can clean it as much as they want as it is quite durable. This 100% polyester rug has a gel form backing which makes it a non-slip rug.

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07. Sevilla Hand Tufted Wool Rug-8′ x 10′ – Black

To add warmth to the living room, this 8×10 area rug will be perfect. This very rug is designed of soft textured wool. This durable rug comes with double stick mesh that will make sure that no one slips on it. It is quite durable and will keep on beautifying the living room for many years.

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06. Indoor-Outdoor Brick, 3 Piece Set, Patio Rug’s (8×10 Area Rug, 3×8 Runner, 2×3 Mat)

This 8×10 area Rug from the well-known Koeckritz comes in a set of three. The other two sizes are 3×8(Runner) and 2×3 (Mat). So, a home or living room can be aesthetically pleasing if three of them are used together. They are durable, stylish and come with premium fabric bound edges which make sure that it does not fray. It comes in other colors too.

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05. Modern Area Rug Sculpted Zebra Print 8 Ft. X 10 Ft. 6 In. Design # S245 Black

To put an edgy spin in a living room, this 8×10 area rug will be a stunning choice. It will lay flat which means it will not fray and thus will prevent people from tripping over it. It may look soft and delicate but it is quite durable. The rug is very easy to maintain.

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04. Safavieh Ultimate Cream / Beige Shag Rug (Rectangular 8′ x 10′)

This 8×10 area rug has a pile height of 1 inch and comes in a beautiful Ivory and Beige/cream color combination. The plush shag pile can be spot cleaned easily which makes it very easy-to-clean rug. It is made with polypropylene and is very durable. It comes with cotton canvas backing which is also durable.

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03. 8’x10′ Indoor Area Rug – Blackest Black 37oz BOUND Polyester

EdgesIt 8×10 area rug comes from Koeckritz, a company know for their high standards in quality. This beautiful rug is made with polyester filament fibers which makes it a durable rug to keep in a living room. The stunning black color can heighten the look of a bright room or can bring a sultry vibe to a room.

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02. Safavieh Milan Shag Collection SG180-7070 Navy Shag Area Rug, 8 ft by 10 feet (8′ x 10′)

This 8×10 area rug comes in many different colors and will be perfect to bring a pop of color to the living room. This rug is from the well-loved Safavieh who have been crafting high quality and stylish rugs for more than 100 years now. As it is made by powerloomed construction so this rug is quite durable.

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01.Super Area Rugs, Flokati Rug Natural 8×10 Wool (8ft X 10ft)

This 8×10 area shag rag is made in Greece with finest New Zealand wool flokati which are very soft and beautiful. It is one of the best rugs available in the market today, not only because it is stunning but also because they are very easy to maintain. It also comes in many other colors.

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