Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Reviews in 2021

Are you looking for the best portable Bluetooth speaker? There are things you need you consider when shopping for Bluetooth speakers. Some of the factors that you should look at include connection, sound quality, portability and features of the speakers. In case you are not aware of these aspects, choosing the best speaker will not be a walk in the park for you especially when we take into account the many brands that you are likely to come across. In our discussion below, we have outlined Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Reviews in 2015. Next time you need a Bluetooth speaker check with this list.

10. Fugoo style Bluetooth speaker


Fugo style Bluetooth speaker is one of my favorite speakers. Although it may not look that pretty, as many of us of would expect, the sound quality and long battery life makes it to be one in its own class. The solid construction of the speaker makes it very durable such that you can drop it severally but it will continue to work after that.

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9. Ultimate Ears boom wireless Bluetooth speaker



Ultimate Ears boom is not only powerful but also one of the most durable Bluetooth speakers on the market. The speaker boasts of 15 hours of playtime with the Li-ion battery. The awesome color options provided by the manufacturer allow you to choose depending on your taste and preference. In addition, the speaker has a wide Bluetooth range of up to 50 feet.

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8. Lepow modre



The Lepow modre Bluetooth speaker is unique and environmentally friendly. It is available in different colors that include red, green and orange among others. It also features a built in speaker option and that has speakerphone functionality. In case you want something lightweight but powerful, then you should consider Lepow modre.

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7. Venstar mini subwoofer sound pod



The mighty Bluetooth speaker has a subwoofer inside to enhance on your entertainment. It supports Bluetooth version 3.0 only. It has a built in microphone that will allow you to make calls.

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6. Jam classic Bluetooth wireless speaker



The Jam classic Bluetooth wireless speaker is yet another amazing Bluetooth speaker around. The small and compact speaker offers high quality sound. Furthermore, it has a relatively long battery life that ranges from 10-12. Therefore, with the speaker you do not have to worry about high payment of bills.

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5. Shark Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox



With the Shark Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox, you can make and receive your calls as you continue enjoying your favorite tunes. The built in microphone featured on this device offers phone quality conversations. If you are looking for a low priced but high quality sound Bluetooth speaker, simply buy Shark Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox and you will never regret.

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4. Scosche boomSTREAM mini portable Bluetooth wireless media speaker

The small but powerful speaker plays with any of the Bluetooth devices on the market. It can play for about seven with the help of Li-ion battery. It is also lightweight and easily portable.

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3. Braven BRV-X portable wireless speaker



Just like the other amazing speakers from Braven, BRV-X portable wireless speaker will rarely disappoint you. The device is not only durable but also features a battery that can charge up your devices as you can listening some of your best songs.

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2. Creative sound blaster roar



The Bluetooth speaker offers powerful and room filling sound with very high audio quality. It also comes with full features that include voice control and USB port that allows for direct connection to your PC. The Bluetooth speaker can play for 8 hours with your Li-ion battery.

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1. Bose soundLink Mini



The Bose soundLink Mini has a sleek design with a compact size. The aluminum enclosure of the speaker provides for an excellent build quality that you are not likely to find with the other devices on the market. The exceptional high sound quality and astounding performance of the speaker makes it one of the best.

Buy now on In summary, you should not buy any Bluetooth speaker simply because it is cheap or looking aesthetically appealing. You need to take your time and look at the features, sound quality and portability among others. In case you are not sure about the best Bluetooth speaker to take home simply, pick any of the mentioned speakers. One of the best places where you can shop for these speakers is online.