Top 10 Best LED Light Bulbs Reviews in 2021

LED light bulbs provide a cost and energy efficient way of lighting a home. They are more affordable and last longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs. They use up to 85 percent less power which helps homeowners save on their electricity bill. Consequently, the use of these bulbs is on the rise, meaning it is the right time to upgrade if you haven’t. Below are top 10 best LED light bulbs reviews which you consider for a new and more environmental friendly way of lighting your home.

10. G7 Elko LED Replacement BR30 Flood Light Bulb



The BR30 Elko provides more than brightness without compromising the color of your fabrics, home displays and skin tones. It is perfect for daily use regardless of whether you are using it to light your work-from-home office or dining room. It gives 1210 lumens which is almost twice the standard light provided by normal LED floods.

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9. Philips 429258 11-watt A19 LED Light Bulb



It is a new energy saving bulb by Philips. It is great for use in hallways, living rooms and kitchens. Philips 429258 features a sleek finish and white design which makes it produce light similar to natural daylight. It has an overall elegant design that gives it a longer life than the less-efficient incandescent. It is fully dimmable, implying it can comfortably replace a 60-watt incandescent A19 bulb and help you save up to $132 in energy costs.

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8. Cree 75W Equivalent Soft White A19 LED Light Bulb



The Cree 75W lights and looks like the normal light bulb. It is dimmable and lights instantly emitting an all-around, omnidirectional warm light. It is designed to light for at least 22 years while using a portion of energy of the traditional incandescent bulbs. This 75W equivalent uses 13.5 Watts only which is 82 percent less helping you save about $169 over its lifetime.

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7. LE® Pack of 6 Units 5W MR16 GU10 LED Bulbs



Lighting EVER, shortened to LE focuses on giving the best lighting experience. LE® Pack of 6 Units replaces 50W halogen lighting bulbs helping you save 90 percent on lighting energy costs. It is Eco-friendly and RoHS compliant with no IR Radiation, UV, lead or mercury. It is instant-on, non-dimmable and comes with a vibration and shock resistant fixture.

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6. SELS LED PAR30 Dimmable LED Light Bulb



SELS PAR30 is a dimmable LED light that consumes 12.5 Watts only to emit 800 lumens of lights. It is an effective replacement for 75W equivalent flood light that helps you save up to $203.22. It serves as a great replacement for traditional Par30, halogen and cfl bulbs because it is designed to look like Parlight bulbs.

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5. Hyperikon® LED 9.5W, A19 Bulb



Hyperikon® LED light bulb provides a diffused and beautiful level of light which creates a soft white illuminated atmosphere. It is easy to install since it fits into the standard A19 shape with medium screw bases. It has a lifetime of over 45,000 rated hours which is equivalent to 3 hours a day for 21 years. It is free of toxic chemicals and doesn’t cause fading or attract mosquitoes.

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4. Bioluz LED 5 Pack GU10 50W Equiv

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This Bioluz LED saves up to $600 per package in light energy costs. The package is environmental friendly since it doesn’t contain toxic substances like mercury. The bulbs light instantly to full brightness with forty degrees of light disperment while maintaining the color and cosmetic beauty which you are used to. It is FCC and RoHS compliant.

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3. 4-Pack of Hyperikon® 9W BR30 LED Bulb



The BR30 is an easy-to-install LED bulb which is ideal for both outdoor indoor fixtures. It will help you save about 86 percent on energy costs when used to replace your 65W flood bulb lights. It has a rated lifetime of over 45,000 hours. The bulb produces a diffused level of light with dimming capabilities to create an inviting atmosphere.

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2. 6-Pack 110V 9W UL-listed Dimmable A19 LED Bulb



It has a rated lifespan of 25,000 with up to 22.8 years of life using it for three hours a day. It has a dimming range of 10-100 percent with very high compatibility and color options of 270K and 5000K. The package delivers a wide beam angle of 240 degrees.

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1. Cree 65W Equivalent Soft White BR30 LED Light Bulb (4-pack)



BR30 LED Light Bulb is great for recessed and track light fixtures. It is dimmable even with common dimmers and lights instantly providing a wide and bright light distribution. It has a lifespan of 25,000 hours producing warm, beautiful and energy-efficient light.

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