Top 10 Best Sound Bars Reviews in 2021

A soundbar makes a wonderful addition to every home’s theater. With it, you don’t have to spring for a subwoofer plus several speakers so as to enjoy an excellent audio. A soundbar can sit under the television without causing obstruction and the clutter that’s the norm with a traditional set up. Some of the available options are equipped with wireless subwoofers that handle deep bass. Here are top 10 best sound bars reviews of 2015.

10. Vizio S5430w-C2



This is the largest soundbar from Vizio and is pocket friendly, simple and easy to use. It offers a number of features such as two analogue inputs, in and out HDMI, Bluetooth, optical in and digital coaxial. These features make this soundbar versatile for any kind of installation. Although it doesn’t come with a subwoofer, it’s possible to connect one for a better bass experience.

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9. MartinLogan-Dynamo 300 Home-Theater &Stereo Subwoofer



All the key components of the Dynamo 300- from the amplifier to the driver is tastefully designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards. It’s a great choice for stereo or home applications and builds with high density materials to reduce resonance when connected to high frequencysubwoofer. Whether you want to upgrade your home theater experience or in need of something that enhances your experience, Dynamo home theater will make the best choice.

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8. Sonos Playbar



This soundbar is an excellent choice when playing movies, but also does pretty well when the television is turned off. This can be attributed to the fact that a Sono’s app is available which can help you stream audio directly from the Amazon’s cloud and a wide range of other online sources. It’s able to deliver high quality audio thanks to its three tweeters and six-midrange drivers. The price is a little high, but the features justify the high cost.

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7. Polk MagniFi



The small size of Polk MagniFi shouldn’t deceive you as it can deliver sound that’s enough to fill a room. Among its notable features are three drivers and a seven inch wireless-subwoofer which can help bring the bass. It offers no nonsense, no frills approach to audio.

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6. Yamaha YSP-1400



This is one of the best soundbar that don’t have a subwoofer. It has eight speakers that can help distribute sound to different corners of the room. Also, it has 2 down firing inbuilt subwoofers which help in keeping gear to the minimum. It’s digital coax, analogue and analogue inputs are conveniently positioned at the back.

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5. MartinLogan-Motion Vision



Music enthusiasts will definitely find this soundbar to be an excellent choice. However, this forty inch soundbar is costly and its folded motion tweeters offer an impressively detailed and wide soundstage. It’s possible to add a wireless or a wired subwoofer. It’s possible for it to learn commands from various kinds of remote operated appliances. There are bass ports on the back side which provides you with enough of low end sound.

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4. Razer Leviathan



It’s compact in size- just about 20inches and uses its two tweeters and two drivers to pack a 30 watt wallop… It is connected to a wired subwoofer and offers the best of modern technology. It can help raise the boom during firefights. Well, it’s not an excellent choice for every living room, but gamers will find the blasting sound to be a great companion.

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3. JBL SB100



JBL-SB100 is a cost friendly option that works well with small as well as medium sized television sets. Although it doesn’t come with a subwoofer, the available output makes it possible to add one. The optical and analogue inputs can help you connect to a subwoofer with ease. The intelligent remove control is easy to use.

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2. Insignia Sound-Bar NS-SB212



This is an excellent buy for those looking for those who want to enjoy high quality sound at an affordable price. It can be mounted on a wall and it’s quite easy to use. Although it includes a remove, the features included are very few and don’t go beyond the basic audio presets.

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1. VIZIO-S3821w-C0 38-inch 2.1 Home-Theater -Sound Bar with Wireless-Subwoofer (2014 Model)



Vizio’s 38 inch home theater-sound bar makes a perfect addition to a medium sized HDTV and since it comes with only one cable, you can connect to your television with ease. The wireless subwoofer helps to provide bass sound that’s missing from your TV. You can stream music via Bluetooth from nearby gadgets. It guarantees an immersive-audio experience.

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