Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas for Men in 2021

Retirement is a very important time in life. Finally, one gets to take a break from active work life and starts enjoying a beautiful carefree life. If someone in your office will be retiring, you should give him some nice gifts that he can use and at the same time remember and miss you guys. Below is given a list of top 10 retirement gift ideas for men that you can choose from.

1. Whisky tumblers

Almost every man loves whiskey, thus making a pair of whiskey tumblers an ideal gift for men. These need not necessarily be the ordinary tumblers you get in the stores. You can personalize them by having the name of the person engraved on it along with a sweet message that he will cherish forever. If he likes beer, you can gift him beer mugs instead.

2. Dinner vouchers

Giving the new retiree few dinner vouchers is also a great gift idea. One can gift him one voucher for each month for the whole year, or whatever suits you. Just do not make it a one-time dinner, unless of course if it will be in some 5 stars super luxurious hotel. This surely will make him feel good.

3. Travel

After retirement, they will have lots of free time to spare. So, you can gift him some travel vouchers. However, if this crosses your budget or if the retiree already has some great travel plans, you can gift him some travel accessories. Luggage bags, tags, and trolleys are things he surely will love. Do not gift an empty bag. You can fill it with some cards and chocolates.

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4. Gift baskets

If everyone in your office plans to give a combined gift, you can opt for the gift basket. It can contain his favorite drink, a few vouchers, his favorite book, a memento or anything else you think he will appreciate. Decorate it in the best possible way and you have a perfect gift ready.

5. Books

After he will have completed his partying and holidaying, books certainly will prove to be his best friend. You can gift him some classics or a yearly subscription of a magazine he likes. Try and get to know his taste and gift him the latest release of the genre he likes.

6. Notes and flowers

These are the simplest yet most beautiful gifts that you can gift to anyone. Flowers will dry and be discarded, but that does not mean it will not make him happy. It will be a part of his sweet memories forever, particularly if you give him a special note appreciating his great work and his great relationship with you and others.

7. Golf kits

Almost every man loves playing golf. If the person who is retiring is a senior, then a golf kit certainly will be the best thing you can gift him. You can also gift him various golf themed items like premium golf balls, golf shirts, executive putting sets or markers for golf balls. You can also personalize the golf ball with his photo to make it more special.

8. Gardening hamper

He surely must have already made some plans for landscaping in his backyard. So, it will be the great idea to gift him a gardening hamper. Your hamper can include some books, tools, manuals and so on, as these will surely prove helpful to him, and thus he will always remember you.

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9. DVD collection

This is a perfect gift idea for those who love music. Spend some time in arranging a great collection of the different genre, and be sure he will appreciate your efforts. Make sure you add a note of appreciation in the gift box, or better still keep one note in each of the DVDs, so that he gets surprised every time he opens them.

10. Gadgets

There are various types of gadgets available in the market, and if the retiree is interested in gadgets and electronic items, this certainly will be the best gift you can give to him. You can also give him a monogrammed Swiss knife. A key chain with digital photo frame or a Bluetooth speaker that he can use in his car will also be a great gift for him. You can also gift him a camera so that he can click pictures of the new life that he will be leading from now on.