Top 10 Best Door Handles Reviews in 2021

Shopping for door handles is not very easy. This is because there are very many types of door handles that make the process quite daunting. Consequently, prospect shoppers should take time to properly research and review potential handles so as to choose the best. The following are top 10 best door handles reviews which you may consider to make the search friendlier.

10. Slide-Co 143598 White Sliding Patio Door Handle Set



It is a patio sliding door handle that comes with two pulls; one on the inside and the other on the outside. The inner pull features a thumb latch. The handle fits mortise lock systems and screw holes of 3-15/16 inches apart. It comes with installation fasteners and die cast exterior pull, thumb turn, steel latch activator and interior pull with a wood handle.

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9. Kwikset Belleview w/Cove Knob with SmartKey



It is single cylinder handle set that features a smartkey in Venetian Bronze. It is ideal for use in exterior doors where security and keyed entry are necessary. The smartkey of this handleset is made of re-key technology that locks in seconds using three easy steps. It comes with an interior door knob that fits both left and right handed doors. It also has an adjustable latch so as to fit in standard door preparations.

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8. Kwikset Dakota w/Polo Knob with SmartKey



Kwikset Dakota w/Polo handleset comes with an exterior handle and interior knob that fits both left and right handed doors. It has a flexible latch to fit any standard preparation. The handleset has a satin nickel finish, traditional design with a lifetime mechanical and finish guarantee.

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7. Schlage FE285 CAM 716 ACC RH Camelot Front Entry Handleset



It is a right hand front entry that enhances the entrance of your door décor. It can virtually replace any existing lock. You can install it below your Schlage link deadbolt, although it is good to ensure you select the appropriate handing for your door. It features unique finishes and designs that will definitely match the architectural style of your home. It is also easy to install with lifetime mechanical guarantee.

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6. Schlage FE595CS V PLY 626 ELA Plymouth Light Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock



It fits most door preparations and switches between automatic and unlocked re-locking because of its 9V battery operation. Its keypad illuminates allowing users to see it at night. It is great for any homeowner who wants to experience the freed of keyless locking, meaning forgetting, losing or making extra keys will be a thing of the past.

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5. Kwikset Tavaris w/Vedani Lever with SmartKey

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This handleset improves the design and security of your door. It makes a statement of contemporary aesthetic as a result of its clean and bold form with a geometric shape. It can be locked on the outside using a key and turn button on the inside. It has a fully reversible interior level which fits on both left and right handed doors.

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4. Kwikset Austin UL Handleset w/Austin Lever with SmartKey



It is a $134.00 handle set that has received positive reviews and rating from past customers with a 4.5-star rating after twenty reviews. This handleset features a single cylinder and a smartkey in Venetian Bronze. The Austin lever combines both traditional and modern lines to provide the ultimate rustic elegance. The smartkey includes a BumpGuard for protection against accidental lock bumping.

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3. Q-Series Exterior Entrance Electronic Handleset Finish with Oil Rubbed Bronze



It features an adjustable latch, keyless door lock and fits any standard door preparation. The handleset comes with radio frequency and keypad remote control entry combo. It accepts 2-8 digital codes with up to 10 radio frequency remote controls or key fobs. It has lock-bumping resistant pins but requires 4AA batteries which are usually sold separately.

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2. Schlage FE365-CAM-GEO Aged Bronze Handleset Schlag



Schlage FE365-CAM-GEO is an electronic deadbolt that features electronic keyless entry and handle set. It has a versatile keyless operation although it still retains keyed entry functionality with a thumb-turn-on button on the interior. It also has a lock cylinder and keypad on the outside which makes it great for front doors, garage entry doors and side or back doors. No programming is required to operate and it doesn’t lock automatically after leaving.

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1. Baldwin 85315.102.LDBL Logan Sectional Trim Left Hand Handleset



Baldwin 85315.102.LDBL is known for its style, quality, details and timeless operation. Its deadbolt is operated by key from both sides with no turning-knob. It is great for security doors with glass inset or window. It features a double cylinder and fits 2-3/8 or 2-3/4 inches on 1-3/4 inches thick doors.

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