Top 10 Best Privacy Window Film Reviews in 2021

If you are searching privacy window film for the windows at your home then it can be confusing for you to buy if you do not have some information about them. The reviews of some of the top window films provided in this write-up can greatly help you in this respect. You can use the links provided with each review to buy them at a very reasonable price through

10. Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film


Best Home Fashion has introduced this privacy window film in two sizes 17.7-Inch x 78.7-Inch and 3 ft x 6.5 ft in various colour variants from which you can choose as per your requirement. It is easy-to-do-yourself application which you can use to get the look of frosted glass on your windows. This static cling needs no adhesive so it can be applied and removed easily from your windows when required. It filters the light softly to improve your privacy.

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9. Pearl Self-Adhesive Window Film


DC Fix has introduced this window film in various patterned appliqué designs from which you can choose for the safety of walls as they are easily removable and reusable. It is available in 17.75-Inch x 6.56-Feet roll.

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8. Etched Glass Window Film


ARTSCAPE has presented this window film in 36 inch x 72 Inch size in various colours to choose from. It visually affects the view of stained and textured window glasses to create privacy. It can be applied easily without any adhesive to protect you from UV rays.

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7. Daytime Privacy Window Film


Gila has produced this window film in various sizes ranging from 17.7 inch x 78.7 inch to 36 inch by 100 feet from which you can chose as per your suitability to provide daytime privacy without blocking the view.

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6. Premium No-Glue 3D Static Decorative Privacy Window Films


This window film by CottonColors is easy to fix and remove as no adhesive is required to get frosted look of your window glass. Its rolls are available in 3 Ft x 6.5 size which you can use as per your requirement. It provides 99% UV protection. Instead of using adhesive it can cling statically to your window glass and can be removed and adjusted easily without ruining its smoothness.

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5. Savannah Decorative Window Film


ARTSCAPE has introduced this window film in 17.7″ x 78.7″ and 24″ x 36″ sizes to change visual effect of stained and textured glasses. It creates privacy without using any adhesive to provide UV protection. The design of this Window Film controls the effect of harmful solar UV rays by reducing their glare.

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4. One Way Mirror Window Film


This window privacy film by Buydecorativefilm is available in wide variety of sizes ranging from 12in X 24ft to 60in X 100ft from which you can choose as per your suitability to provide daytime privacy to your place. It is a durable item as it is coaed with scratch resistant coating.

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3. Vinyl Static Cling Cut Glass Decorative Privacy Window Film


Fancy-fix has introduced this decorative privacy film for your widows in 17.7 Inches By 59 Inches and 35.4 inches x 59 inches sizes. It decorates your windows quickly and easily as they are easy to be trimmed with a knife or a pair of scissors to the required size while applying them within minutes. It provides gemstone facet look to your decorative cut-glass while improving your window privacy along with improving the beauty of your décor. This privacy window film is available in roll form in 17.7 inch x 59 inch size.

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2. Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film


Coavas has introduced this self static adhesive cling for office as well as home windows in white colour and 17.7 inch x 78.7 Inch size. You can buy it directly from their official store BeautyHalo store to apply it to any smooth glass surface. It provides privacy and UV protection by filtering the light softly. It can fit easily to the windows of any size.

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1.Clear Waters 12″ Wide Window Film


SOLYX has introduced this window privacy film in 12 inch x any size you require as it is available in continuous rolls form. It is a colourless embossed translucent clear vinyl film which gives a look of rain glass to your window glass. It provides effective privacy even with good transmission of light. This professional grade privacy film can be installed and removed easily.

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